We meet every weekend at Archangel Michael in Downtown Greenville, SC.  We would love for you to visit us!  If this is your first time visiting our church, we encourage you to email us in advance so that we can welcome you.  Our service begins with morning prayers (matins) at 8:30am followed by the Divine Liturgy at 9:00am.

What services can non-members attend?

All of our services are open to everyone! Feel free to join us for a meeting, a church service, or social outing. Make sure to visit our schedule for information on what’s going on at the church this week.

What are those pictures on the walls?

The Coptic Orthodox Church prides itself on being a church of the saints and martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to defend and preserve the Christian faith. When you enter the church, you’ll notice icons hanging on the walls and at the front of the altar. Each of these icons represents these important saints and disciples of Christ. We don’t worship the icons, but we use them as visual reminders of our faith in our prayers.

Standing vs. Sitting During Worship

When you attend a liturgy for the first time, you might find it interesting that the deacons and congregation stand for the majority of the service. However, we know that standing for long periods of time may be uncomfortable at first, so feel free to sit or stand throughout the service.

Dress Code The general guideline for men and women is to dress appropriately, modestly and respectfully, as before the living God. 

Is Sun­day School available? We pro­vide Sun­day School in small groups for chil­dren in grades pre-K through twelve. Sun­day School begins after the coffee & snack session and lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Entering an Orthodox Church (courtesy of STSA Church)

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